SEO + Promote Content + Engage 4x

Job Description :

SEO + Promote Content + Engage 1x

JobProfit task



1- Click on the available 4*banner advertisements (must click on ads from posts or banners).

2- Give the banner ads landing pages URL (Proof_1)

3- Navigate for 1*minute between 2*Pages of of the advertiser website, including contact &  
    About us page.

What is expected from workers?

1-    Clear browser cookies first or open the private browser window.

2-    Go to: Google search bar & copy this ( in search bar not on browser
      then choose any link 

3-    Visit the 1st to 10th articles slowly and you will find next post below

4-    Visit this link to get to "instruction" (

Read  the instructions carefully &  Please follow the rules strictly!

- Must clear your browser history/cookies first

- Work from a SINGLE TAB. Do not open new articles in a new tab

- Please read the instructions well & act accordingly, to complete the task correctly.

I will trace your IP.

 Required proof that task was finished?

1- URL of the 4*Landing Pages Ads.

Enter The Required Proof Of Job Finished:

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